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C5 speeds towards road cycling doc

Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets? was commissioned by Greg Barnett

Channel 5 in the UK has ordered a one-off documentary from Firecracker Scotland looking at the relationship between cyclists and drivers on Britain’s roads.

Exploring what it calls the “war of the wheels” going on in the UK, Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets? marks the first C5 commission for the Scottish arm of Tinopolis-owned Firecracker Films.

With increasing numbers of people in the UK choosing to cycle rather than drive, tensions between cyclists and motorists are on the rise.

The producers say the doc will ask whether all cyclists are rule-breakers and road-hoggers, not adhering to the same laws as everyone else, or if motorists have just as much to answer for.

It was commissioned by Greg Barnett for Channel 5 and the exe producer is Elspeth O’Hare for Firecracker Scotland.

Firecracker Scotland launched in 2016 with O’Hare as creative director and has been behind shows such as Class of Mum and Dad for Channel 4 and Getting Hitched Asian Style and Rogue to Wrestler, both for the fledging BBC Scotland channel.

Other Firecracker Films credits include Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, Mums Make Porn and The Sex Clinic.


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