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Black Sheep Productions’ Saar Yogev talks about innovative Israeli drama Innermost

Today we hear from Black Sheep Productions co-founder Saar Yogev about new Israeli drama Innermost, which blurs the lines between scripted and documentary to tell six interconnected stories of life in modern day Tel Aviv and was screened for the first time at Series Mania in Lille this week.

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Innermost is a new Israeli drama about everyday life in modern day Tel Aviv, using untrained actors and mixing scripted with documentary to tell six interconnected stories.

Made by Israel’s Black Sheep Productions, which also has a Berlin-based offshoot called Electric Sheep, the show was in development as a movie prior to the pandemic but morphed into a series which the company decided to self-fund.

Black Sheep co-founder Saar Yogev spoke to Michael Pickard about why the firm decided to go down this route and premiere the title at Series Mania without a broadcaster, streamer or distributor yet onboard.

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