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Bear Grylls gets animated show

Bear Grylls has fronted several survival series

The UK producer behind Matt Hatter Chronicles has partnered with Bear Grylls to create an animated series featuring a young version of the British adventurer and TV presenter.

Young Bear Grylls will be produced by YBG Films, a newly formed joint venture between UK animation house Platinum Films and Bear Grylls Ventures.

The series will see heroic escapades and epic missions carried out by a young Grylls as he explores and pushes the boundaries of the world around him.

Grylls shot to fame as the face of Discovery Channel’s long-running survivalist series Man vs Wild and has since fronted adventure shows including Running Wild with Bear Grylls for NBC in the US and The Island with Bear Grylls for Channel 4 in the UK.

Nigel Stone, CEO of Platinum Films, said the show “will tap into everything Bear Grylls represents: adventure, courage, survival and friendship.”

“It will have that quintessential ‘James Bond Britishness’ and will appeal to kids and families worldwide.”

Grylls added: “Young Bear Grylls is all about bringing the spirit of adventure and exploration to young kids in a way that fires their imagination, and brings out the survivor in them all.”

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