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BBC Children’s leads search for Britain’s Best Young Artist at CBBC

Ricky Wilson fronted Art Jam on CBBC

CBBC in the UK has ordered a show in which 27 budding young artists from around the country compete to be crowned Britain’s best young artist.

Britain’s Best Young Artist (14×30′) is made by BBC Children’s In-House Productions and fronted by Kaiser Chiefs frontman and former art teacher Ricky Wilson, with BBC Radio 1 presenter Vick Hope.

Armed with a sketchbook and pencil, each episode sees three contenders take part in a day designed to challenge and stretch their artistic muscles, before returning to the art studio to create a showstopping artwork.

The wannabe artists must impress Wilson, who previously presented Art Jam on CBBC, and a guest judge who will be on hand to critique the finished artwork and decide who moves on to the next round.

The guest judges will include artists such as Alison Lapper, Simeon Barclay and Si Mitchell.

Those that make the semi-finals will be commissioned to create an original piece of art for celebrities including Dr Alex George, Jamie Chadwick and Lindsey Russell.

The series culminates with the grand finale, in which the top three artists have to draw on all of their creative skills and experience to produce a winning masterpiece which best depicts their home town. This will then be displayed at an art gallery there.

The show, set to launch on February 7, was filmed in a warehouse studio in Bolton, Greater Manchester and across several UK locations including Wales, Cumbria, Yorkshire, West Midlands and London. The executive producer is Annette Williams and the series producer is Rob Jenkinson.

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