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Fremantle opens Cannes catalogue

RTL Group-owned producer-distributor Fremantle has unveiled its line-up of formats for Mipcom next month, including a reality-dating show in which a single woman lives with five men for a week.

Five Guys a Week is a C4 commission

Five Guys a Week is being produced by Label1 for Channel 4 in the UK and sees one single girl choose five guys to move into her house for a week, eliminating a different man each morning and the last man standing becoming her boyfriend.

Fremantle has added to its library with Epic Gameshow, a format for ITV from Talkback in the UK combining several classics in one.

Titles that will feature in the show include Play Your Cards Right, Take Your Pick, Strike it Lucky, Bullseye and The Price is Right, which have been “super-sized” and “refreshed.”

Another gameshow Fremantle will be shopping in Cannes is Rolling In It, which comes from Over The Top Productions and has been commissioned by ITV in the UK. It sees three contestants play alongside some of their favourite celebrities in a bid to go home with a big cash prize.

Elsewhere, it has The Family Brain Games, a quiz show which sets out to find the nation’s smartest family. Created by Label1 for BBC2 in the UK, it sees eight smart families go head-to-head in quizzes, plus footage of them backstage.

Fremantle also has the reboot of Supermarket Sweep, the Thames gameshow recently brought back by ITV2 in the UK.

Rob Clark, director of global entertainment at Fremantle, said the company’s slate is “full of iconic shows that audiences know and love, as well as new titles that can slot perfectly into any schedule and entertain the masses.”


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