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  • 09:00
    Drama Series Script Competition (Hall 1)
    ENDS 10:00

    Drama Series Script Competition

    The annual Drama Series Script Competition, coproduced between C21, Script Angel, Studio21 and WritersRoom. Six finalists pitch their projects to a panel of international drama executives to win the $10,000 option from Studio21.
    Projects and finalists to be announced

  • 09:30
    Drama Series Pitch (Hansom Hall)
    ENDS 13:00

    Drama Series Pitch

    The Drama Series Pitch will take place for the third year running at the International Drama Summit. 15 projects will be shortlisted and selected to present a 10-minute pitch to the international business. The winning pitch will receive a marketing package through C21Media worth £30,000.
    Projects and finalists to be announced

  • 10:00
    Shorts2Series (Hall 1)
    ENDS 11:00


    Session description and speakers to follow

  • 11:00
    State of the Drama Nation (Hall 1)
    ENDS 12:00

    State of the Drama Nation

    Leading drama executives from across the international business set the stage for three days of intensive discussion and debate about the biggest current issues and opportunities and future trends facing the global scripted business. How are business models evolving, who is and will be buying, how are viewing behaviours changing, where is the next source of IP, and how is the creative process changing? In a world of constant change what does the next five years look like for the global scripted business, what should we be excited about and what should we be concerned about, what’s the end game?
    Further speakers to be announced

    Michael Wright
    Nina Lederman
    Executive vice president, global scripted developmentSony Pictures Television
    Sebastien Raybaud
    Founder and CEOAnton
  • 12:00
    SESSION TBC (Hall 1)
    ENDS 13:00


    HOT PROPERTIES: Non English Language (Hall 2)
    ENDS 13:00

    HOT PROPERTIES: Non English Language

    In this Hot Properties strand Content London shines a light on three upcoming non english language dramas expected to have an impact on the international business over the next 18 months and meets those responsible for developing them to find out more. Hear how they were created, developed, packaged and sold from those closest to the project.

    This session features new projects: Reindeer Mafia, Freud and Rurik
    Further projects and speakers to be announced.

    Reindeer Mafia
    Reindeer Mafia is a story about the son of a reindeer lord in the northernmost Lapland. He starts an outlaw snowmobile club in order to fight back the tyrannical power of his father that rules the fells through corruption and blackmail. At stake is not just the control of the fells but the future of nature and Lapland.
    Speakers: Liisa Penttila-Asikainen,Pete Eklund and Mika Kurvinen

    Show description to follow
    Speakers: Moritz Polter, EP international TV series and Marvin Kren

    Billed as the most ambitious Russian language drama yet, Rurik is a dramatic and adventurous story of one of the greatest rulers of Ancient Rus, updated for the modern audiences and uniting the best onscreen and offscreen talent to come out of the region. Gloomy Middle Ages. Blood is being spilled everywhere. Rurik is growing up without a father in slavery and poverty, as the Vikings ravage the coast in the West, and a community of Slavic clans grows in the East, on the great trade route from Scandinavia to Greece. The clans need a leader who can unite them and make them stronger, and Rurik needs glory and power that will help him fight back against the offenders.
    Speakers: Kateryna Vyshnevska, Valeriy Fedorovich and Lily Sheroziya

    Liisa Penttilä-Asikainen
    ProducerReindeer Mafia
    Pete Eklund
    ProducerReindeer Mafia
    Mika Kurvien
    director and screenwriterReindeer Mafia
    Moritz Polter
    Executive producer international TV seriesBavaria Fiction
    Marvin Kren
    Kateryna Vyshnevska
    Head of development, co-productions and producerFILM.UA Group
    Valeriy Fedorovich
    Director, TV-3, producer and headPREMIER Studios
    Lily Sheroziya
    Marketing directorTV-3 and PREMIER Studios
    SESSION TBC (Hall 3 )
    ENDS 13:00


    Session description and further speakers to follow

    Nathalie Biancolli
    Director of acquisitions and international fictionFrance Télévisions
    Eleonora Andreatta
    Head of dramaRAI
    Dr Simone Emmelius
    SVP international fiction - coproduction & acquisitionsZDF
  • 15:00
    IN CONVERSATION: Jamie Mustard and Holt McCallany (Hall 1)
    ENDS 16:00

    IN CONVERSATION: Jamie Mustard and Holt McCallany

    Living in an age of mass content choice Jamie Mustard, author of The Iconist and Holt McCallany, lead actor, David Fincher’s Mindhunter come together to discuss why some of the most innovative and critically acclaimed shows are getting lost. How can producers and creators ensure that their shows stand out and will find their desired audience

    Jamie Mustard
    AuthorThe Iconist
    Holt McCallany
    Leading actorMindhunter
    CASE STUDY: When The Dust Settles (Hall 2)
    ENDS 16:00

    CASE STUDY: When The Dust Settles

    Writers Ida Maria Ryden and Dorte Hogh take us inside When The Dust Settles, a multi-plot drama for pubcaster DR that portrays the lives of eight Copenhagen citizens, during the days before and after a tragic terrorist attack shocks the city. As the stories of the eight characters interweave throughout the season, it becomes apparent that their lives are connected in unexpected ways. In this case study we explore the story from concept to screen with those closest to the project and see exclusive footage.

    Ida Maria Rydén
    WriterWhen The Dust Settles
    Dorte Høgh
    WriterWhen The Dust Settles
    Milad Alami
    DirectorWhen The Dust Settles
    Stinna Lassen
    ProducerWhen The Dust Settles
    Christian Rank
    Head of dramaDR
    Karen-Lise Mynster
    ActorWhen the Dust Settles
    SESSION TBC (Hall 3 )
    ENDS 16:00


    Roger Simpson
    Original creator and writer
    Rebecca Gibney
    Lead actress and executive producerHalifax Retribution
    Anthony LaPaglia
    lead actorHalifax Retribution
    Andy Ryan
    co-head of dramaNine Network Australia
    Mikael Borglund
    Executive producer, Halifax and CEO & MD Beyond International Ltd
    CREATIVE KEYNOTE: Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame (Hansom Hall)
    ENDS 15:45

    CREATIVE KEYNOTE: Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame

    Session description to follow

    Julian Fellowes
    Writer, director and novelist
    Gareth Naeme
    CEOCarnival Films
  • 15:45
    CREATIVE KEYNOTE: Sally Wainwright and Faith Penhale (Hansom Hall)
    ENDS 16:30

    CREATIVE KEYNOTE: Sally Wainwright and Faith Penhale

    Session description to follow

    Sally Wainwright
    Writer, producer and director
    Faith Penhale
    CEOLookout Point
  • 16:00
    SESSION TBC (Hall 1)
    ENDS 17:00


    Susan Kresnicka
    Founder and presidentKR&I
    Julien Leroux
    SVP global scripted co-productionsCineflix Media
    Louise Pederson
    CEOAll3 Media International
    TRENDS: Drama Ratings and Analysis (Hall 2)
    ENDS 17:00

    TRENDS: Drama Ratings and Analysis

    Session description and speakers to follow

    SESSION TBC (Hall 3 )
    ENDS 17:00


  • 17:00
    DEVELOPMENT: Non-English Language Drama (Hall 1)
    ENDS 18:00

    DEVELOPMENT: Non-English Language Drama

    As premium non-English language drama cements itself as a key priority of interest for global platforms and international networks, we hear from leading creators and producers who are making local global. What are they working on, who are they partnering with, who are they selling to and how do you choose between local and global platforms?

    Further speakers to be announced

    Pascal Breton
    PresidentFederation Entertainment
    Johannes Jensen
    CEOYellow Bird
    Gjermund Erikson
    Writer and executive producerMonster Scripted
    NEWFORM: Shortform (Hall 2)
    ENDS 18:00

    NEWFORM: Shortform

    Session description and further speakers to follow

    Sebastian Burkhardt
    Managing director, global contentKeshet International
    Marianne Furevold-Boland
    Executive producerNRK Drama
    Howard Owens
    Co-founder and co-CEOPropagate Content
    SESSION TBC (Hall 3 )
    ENDS 17:45


    Frank Doelger
    HeadIntaglio Films
    Peter Berry
    WriterIntaglio Films
    Mike Walden
    WriterIntaglio Films
  • SESSION TBC - CASE STUDY :Traces (Hansom Hall)


    Nicola Shindler
    Chief executive Red Production Company
    Amelia Bullmore
    Writer and executive producer
    Philippa Collie-Cousins
    Commissioning editor, dramaUKTV
  • 09:00
    ENDS 09:30


    Session description to follow

    Nils Hartmann
    Director of original productionsSky Italia
  • 09:30
    SESSION TBC - FINANCE: New Models of Drama Finance (Hall 1)
    ENDS 10:15

    SESSION TBC - FINANCE: New Models of Drama Finance

    Jamie Brown
    CEOGrand River Productions
    Cheryl Lynch
    EVP international production, business affairs and scripted formatsSony Pictures Television
    SESSION TBC - CASE STUDY: The Paradise (Hall 2 )
    ENDS 10:30

    SESSION TBC - CASE STUDY: The Paradise

    Session description to follow.

    Matti Laine
    Ran Tellem
    Head of international content developmentThe Mediapro Studio
    Marko Röhr
    Producer and CEOMRP Matila Röhr Productions
    Suvi Mansnerus
    ProducerYle Drama
    SESSION TBC - TERRITORY FOCUS: UK Nations and Regions (Hall 3)
    ENDS 10:30

    SESSION TBC - TERRITORY FOCUS: UK Nations and Regions

    Session description and further speakers to follow

    Claire Mundell
    Executive producerSynchronicity Films Ltd
    Sarah Brown
    Creative Director, DramaSTV Productions
    Gwenllian Gravelle
    Drama commissionerS4C
    ENDS 10:00


    Session description to follow

    Anna Croneman
    Head of DramafilmsSVT - Sveriges Televison
  • 10:00
    ENDS 10:30


    Session description to follow

    Piers Wenger
    Controller of dramaBBC
  • 10:30
    KEYNOTE: HBO Max (Hall 1)
    ENDS 11:00


    Session description to follow

    Kevin Reilly
    Chief content officer, HBO Max and president TBS, TNT and truTV
  • 11:00
    KEYNOTE: HBO Max (Hall 1)
    ENDS 12:00


    Session description to follow.

    Sarah Aubrey
    Head of original contentHBO Max
    Sandra Dewey 
    Business operations and productionsHBO Max
    ENDS 12:00


    Session description to follow

    Courteney Monroe
    PresidentNational Geographic Global Television Network
    Karen Bailey
    Senior vice president, original programmingStarz
    Julie McNamara
    EVP of Original Content CBS All Access
    Nancy Cotton
    EVP and head of scripted programmingEpix
  • 12:00
    SESSION TBC - CASE STUDY: Stateless (Hall 1)
    ENDS 13:00


    Session description to follow.

    TERRITORIES: Nigerian Stories (Hall 2 )
    ENDS 13:00

    TERRITORIES: Nigerian Stories

    As the demand continues for new and original stories with international reach and appeal, broadcasters, streamers and producers are turning their sights to Nigeria to find and develop talent. We hear from some of the hottest nigerian writers about the stories they have to tell and the opportunity to engage and work with the wealth of talent Nigeria has to offer. Also joining the panel will be leading international producers to discuss how they are sourcing and developing projects with Nigerian writers.

    Kris Thykier
    FounderArchery Pictures
    ENDS 13:00


    In our Hot Properties strand at Content London we shine a light on upcoming dramas expected to have an impact on the international business in the coming year and meet those responsible for developing them to find out more. Hear how they were created, developed, packaged and sold from those closest to the projects, and see exclusive clips from the shows. This session features new projects; Normal People, Tehran and Patri.

    Normal People:
    Show description to follow.
    Speakers: Ed Guiney and Emma Norton

    Tehran is the story of Tamar Rabinyan, a Mossad computer hacker-agent undertaking her very first mission in the heart of a hostile and menacing city, which also happens to be the place of her birth. Tasked with disabling an Iranian nuclear reactor, her mission has implications not just for the Middle East, but for the entire world order. When the Mossad mission fails, Tamar goes rogue in Tehran as she rediscovers her Iranian roots and becomes romantically entwined with a pro-democracy activist. Tamar’s soul-searching leads her to become even more conflicted about her mission, while the tension mounts as Iranian authorities tighten the net in their desperate search to locate her and her Mossad colleagues.

    Tehran is created by Moshe Zonder, Dana Eden and Maor Kohn. The series is written by Zonder and Omri Shenhar. The Gordin Cell and Stockholm director Daniel Syrkin directs the series, which is exec produced by Alon Aranya, Eden and Shula Spiegel. Tehran is produced by Donna Productions and Shula Spiegel Productions in association with Paper Plane Productions
    Speakers: Alon Aranya and Moshe Zonder

    Show description to follow
    Speakers: Aitor Gabilondo, Miguel Salvat and Iñaki González Esparza

    Alon Aranya
    Producer and writerPaper Plane Productions
    Moshe Zonder
    WriterMoshe Zonder Productions
    Aitor Gabilondo
    Miguel Salvat
    Commissioning editor of original programming, SpainHBO Europe.
    Iñaki González Esparza
    Development directorAlea Media
  • 15:00
    KEYNOTE: Paramount Television (Hall 1)
    ENDS 15:45

    KEYNOTE: Paramount Television

    Session description to follow

    Nicole Clemens
    PresidentParamount Television
  • 15:45
    SESSION TBC - CASE STUDY : Sex Education (Hall 1)
    ENDS 04:45

    SESSION TBC - CASE STUDY : Sex Education

    CASE STUDY : Sex Education
    Writer Laurie Nunn and director Ben Taylor take us inside critcially acclaimed teen comedy-drama Sex Education for an exclusive case study at Content London. Otis Milburn – an inexperienced, socially awkward high school student, who lives alone with his mother, a sex therapist. Having grown up surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex, Otis is unwittingly an expert on the subject. Set on keeping this secret from everyone except his nerdy best friend Eric, Otis is horrified when the class bully finds out and tells the entire school during the first week of 6th year. Otis thinks his life is over until brainy bad-girl Maeve discovers he is an untapped goldmine of sexual wisdom and sets up an underground sex therapy service in an abandoned restroom on campus where Otis can dispense advice to students. In the process of helping their peers, Otis and his friends will undergo their own transformations – both sexual and emotional.
    We hear how the show came about, learn more about the focus on finding and developing new talent both on and off screen, understand how the production dealt with sensitive and delicate subject issues and find out what’s in store for season two.

    Further speakers to be announced

    Laurie Nunn
    creator and showrunnerSex Education
    Jamie Campbell
    Executive producerEleven
    Ben Taylor
  • 16:45
    New Platforms New Opportunity: The Niche Players (Hall 1)
    ENDS 17:30

    New Platforms New Opportunity: The Niche Players

    Leading and new niche players discuss their acquisition and original content strategies, how they’re designing business models which are disrupting the disruptors, and reveal opportunities for coproduction with international partners to drive audiences and maintain their unique market position.

    Nathalie Morley
    Chief content officerTRACE Global
    Olivier Jollet
    Managing director EuropePluto TV
    Karin Heijink
    VP Pay-TV ChannelsViasat World
    Gena Konstantinakos
    Vice President, Development and Video ProgrammingTopic