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CuriosityStream expands into Lat Am

Emmy-winning docuseries Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places

Factual streamer CuriosityStream has partnered with Luxembourg-based telecoms outfit Millicom to expand its presence across Latin America.

The new partnership will make CuriosityStream’s content available to more than a million viewers across Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Guatemala, Bolivia and El Salvador via Millicom’s linear services in the region.

CuriosityStream is currently available to subscribers of Millicom’s linear service in Colombia and Costa Rica with additional launches planned for the coming months.

The deal follows CuriosityStream’s entry into the Latin American market last year with its launch on Totalplay in Mexico.

Throughout 2019, CuriosityStream steadily increased its international presence through agreements with distribution partners including StarHub in Singapore, Altice in the US, Totalplay in Mexico, Airtel in India, Sky TV in New Zealand and DStv’s MultiChoice in Africa.

Launched by Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks, CuriosityStream’s library includes original films and series such as Emmy-winning docuseries Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places.

Original titles made in Latin America include My Backyard: Patagonia, Antarctica: Science Below Zero, Chungungo: The World’s Smallest Otter, The Power of Sound, Spiders and Wild Chile.



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