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  • The great divide (Published in Perspective) 29-03-2021
    Phil Gurin of FRAPA and The Gurin Company on the latest twist in the rights battle as buying giants strive for global domination by vacuuming up content and creatives in exclusive deals.
  • Frapa 20 years on (Published in Perspective) 30-11-2020
    As the 20th anniversary year of Frapa nears its end, co-chair Phil Gurin looks back at the history and achievements of the format protection agency, and at what the future may hold.
  • What is a format? (Published in Perspective) 13-01-2020
    Phil Gurin, co-chair of format rights protection group Frapa, says the fight against format copying and theft relies on first accurately defining exactly what is being protected.
  • A trio of threats (Published in Perspective) 11-07-2016
    The Rose d’Or- and Emmy-winning producer/creator and co-chairman of Frapa outlines three threats to the health of the international trade in television formats.

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