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  • Amazon Studios – Europe (Published in Alerts) 20-09-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH PROFILE: Amazon Studios’ director of European originals Georgia Brown emphasises that local projects and a diversity of talent are key to its global success.
  • UKTV – UK (Published in Alerts) 18-09-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH CHANNEL PROFILE: UKTV pushes further into originals and partnerships as the key to its growth ambitions.
  • A&E – US (Published in Alerts) 13-09-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: A&E Network in the US is expanding its range of programming and creating new opportunities for producers.
  • Virgin Media Television – Ireland (Published in Alerts) 06-09-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH PROFILE: VMTV Ireland’s growth continues, fuelled by an increase in original content and partnerships.
  • Discovery – US (Published in Alerts) 04-09-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: Discovery US’s flagship channel is on the look-out for its next new ideas from the international production community.
  • Investigation Discovery – US (Published in Alerts) 30-08-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: Top US crime cablenet Investigation Discovery has flagged up major opportunities for factual content suppliers.
  • History – US (Published in Alerts) 28-08-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: A+E Networks’ History channel is prospecting for its next unscripted franchise and mulling coproductions for the first time.
  • Planète+ – France (Published in Alerts) 20-08-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: Planète+ editorial chief Olivier Agogué outlines the French pay network’s latest factual requirements.
  • Canal+ – France (Published in Alerts) 15-08-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: France’s Canal+ is revamping and expanding its approach to documentaries.
  • Mediawan Thematics – France (Published in Alerts) 13-08-2019
    SCHEDULE WATCH PROFILE: French independent media group Mediawan is prospecting for international partnerships to match its expanding documentary ambitions.
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