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Travel names programming director

Scripps Networks-owned Travel Channel in the US has appointed a veteran production executive to oversee its programming.

Kathleen Finch

Kathleen Finch

Christine Shuler becomes director of programming, having worked with the network for the past year as a consultant on shows such as Booze Traveler, Food Paradise and the forthcoming Alaska: Water & Ice.

She will be based in New York and will report to Neil Regan, Travel Channel’s VP of programming.

Prior to joining the Scripps Network Interactive (SNI) channel, Shuler was a production executive who worked on historical, popular culture, educational and reality programming for A+E Networks, Discovery Communications and PBS.

SNI is in the midst of hunting for new talent for Travel Channel and Food Network and recently appealed to producers to pitch people rather than fully formed ideas.

Kathleen Finch, chief programming, content and brand officer at Scripps, told C21 the aim was to bolster the performance of Travel Channel and refresh Food Network through the discovery of new on-screen talent.



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