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Who is the Chef?

In Who is the Chef? 4 people that do not know each other will take turns in cooking for each other in their own homes. Every evening one of the contestants will host a spectacular dinner party. During the day we will follow the preparations of this dinner including grocery shopping and the actual cooking process/stress.

But there is a twist, 3 of the 4 contestants are passionate amateur cooks but the fourth one is a professional chef. It is unknown to the 3 amateur chefs who the professional chef is. Monday through Thursday all chefs will do their utmost to prepare a fantasic dinner to convice the other contestants that he/she is the professional chef. On the other hand the professional chef must find a way not to be discovered as the professional chef but must also not underachieve to prevent it from being too obvious.

At the end of every dinner party the contestants must state on camera who they think the professional chef is. The chefs will not only be judged on their cooking skills but also on his/her knowledge of the ingedients, presentation of the food and his/her hosting skills. Or did the chef’s home envvironment blow his/her cover? On Friday all chefs will meet each other at the restaurant of the professional chef who’s identity is still not revealed. We will see a review of the highlights of the past week including quotes about each other’s cooking skills.

Now each contestant has to make his/her final choice: Who is the Chef? This episode is hosted by a famous Dutch presenter, Martijn Krabbe, a very passionate amateur cook himself. The real professional chef reveals his/her identity and now we can determine who has won the competition. The amateur chef who guessed the real chef wins a dinner check of € 250,-. but there is also a big surprise because the professional chef will also reveal who he/she thinks is the best amateur chef. This amateur chef will be invited to work for one day in the kitchen of the restaurant of the professional chef.