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Doctor Thorne

3 x 1 hr

Doctor Thomas Thorne lives in a charming country village with his beautiful niece, Mary, who has every virtue – except money. When the terrifying Lady Arabella Gresham discovers that her darling son, Frank, has fallen in love with the penniless Mary, she is horrified. Lady Arabella is determined that to save the family estate it is her son’s duty to make a rich marriage. Her husband has frittered away the family fortune and the family estate of Greshamsbury is only being kept afloat by very favourable loans that Dr Thorne has secured from a railway millionaire, Sir Roger Scatcherd. Sir Roger is drinking himself into an early grave and Lady Arabella fears the family estate will fall into the hands of his son Louis, who bears a deep grudge against the family.

Lady Arabella bans Mary from the house and launches a campaign to secure her son a rich bride. Her target is Miss Dunstable the American heiress to the Oil of Lebanon fortune. On inheriting his father’s fortune, Louis Scatcherd determines to both take control of Greshamsbury and take Mary Thorne as his wife. The happiness of the young couple and the future of the family estate hang in the balance.

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