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Celebrity Undercover

30 mins

The waitress who just spilled soup in your lap… The greengrocer who coughed on your fresh fruit… They seem like the world’s most incompetent workers, but look again: It could be a celebrity, undercover!

In this outrageous new series two stars in each episode escape from under the spotlight of celebrity life and undertake ordinary jobs, with only one instruction: act as outrageously as possible! In round one they are heavily disguised in the craziest (or ugliest) costumes we can find and sent out to interact with members of the public, who have no idea who they’re dealing with. In round two uniforms take over from costumes – can the stars still fool the public with their famous faces on full display? In round three the tables are turned as the stars turn from autograph givers, to autograph hunters! The pressure is on because he who gathers the least signatures will face the ultimate humiliation: They’ll be sent undisguised into a very public place and their every move dictated by the winner via an earpiece. No matter how embarrassing or potentially reputation-ruining, they’ll have to follow the victor’s instructions, until the host takes pity on the loser and the truth is revealed!

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