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VTM returns to Make Belgium Great Again

Make Belgium Great Again was created by local prodco FC Panache

VTM in Belgium has ordered a second season of a format that attempts to initiate small but significant changes to make countries better places to live in.

Make Your Country Great Again was created by local prodco FC Panache and has already been sold to NPO3 in the Netherlands by distributor Be-Entertainment.

The Belgian show saw teams encourage citizens to improve organ donor registration and also send thousands of tweets to Donald Trump to tell him that Belgium wasn’t a “hellhole,” something the US president had previously claimed.

Other ‘missions’ included encouraging citizens to send 17,000 online messages to the minister of the environment to remind her she was planning to ban car flyers, which she then did.

The series, which aired the last episode of its seven-part first season earlier this week, secured an average share of 31.9% in the 18-44 target during the first run, outscoring the channel’s 23% average share.


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