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Director: Jim Donovan, Danielle Sturk

Producer: Véronique Jacob, Charles Clément

Executive Producer: Patrick Clément, Brigitte Lemonde

Writer: Alexandre Lafferière, Marc-André Lafferière  

Cast: Éric Robidoux, Micheline Marchildon, Denis Bouchard, Vincent Leclerc, Paul Doucet, Rachel Graton, Jean-Philippe Perras, Myriam Côté, David La Haye, Sandrine Bisson

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Format

Demographics: All audiences


42 minutes

The series consists of eight full investigations, with one investigation neatly wrapped up in each one-hour episode. Viewers witness the murder and know who the murderer is. What they don’t know, of course, is how Detective Edgar will unravel the riddle and gather the evidence to ultimately take the perp down. And in this case, knowing the ending is not nearly as interesting as Edgar’s unconventional approach for getting us there.

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