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Director: Dirk Campbell,Reza Moradi,Dermot Boyd
Producer: CBBC,ZDF,ZDF Enterprises,Netflix
Executive Producer: Lucy Martin,Sue Nott
Writer: Neil Jones,Claire Miller,Sarah Courtauld,Scott Payne,Paul Gerstenberger,Bronagh Taggart
Cast: Clare Higgins,Raquel Cassidy,Bella Ramsey,Jenny Richardson,Megan Hughes,Tamara Smar
Genres: Children’s
People: Bella Ramsey, Bronagh Taggart, CBBC, Claire Miller, Clare Higgins, Dermot Boyd, Dirk Campbell, Jenny Richardson, Lucy Martin, Megan Hughes, Neil Jones, Netflix, Paul Gerstenberger, Raquel Cassidy, Reza Moradi, Sarah Courtauld, Scott Payne, Sue Nott, Tamara Smar, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises
The Worst Witch

39 × 28′

The Worst Witch is a children’s TV series that follows the exciting adventures of trainee witch Mildred Hubble in the magical world of Cackle’s Academy. But Mildred’s place in this world is always in jeopardy - not only is she the worst witch in school, she’s also constantly doing battle with the formidable Miss Hardbroom, snooty Ethel Hallow, and Miss Cackle’s evil twin sister, Agatha.

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