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Director: Stephan Koester, Daniel Gerlach
Producer: Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion. In co-production with History Channel US, ARTE and ZDF
Writer: Susanne Utzt, Tilman Remme, Christian Feyerabend
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Planet Egypt

4 x 50' HD

More than 5,000 years ago, the territories of Upper and Lower Egypt were first united into a single Kingdom. It was a seismic moment in history – the beginning of one of the most successful civilizations the world has ever known. The Nile Kingdom would flourish for over 3000 years. Ruled by 31 dynasties of “divine” Pharaohs, Ancient Egypt’s achievements are without parallel, including the world’s first territorial state and some of the most outstanding monuments known to man.

Few civilizations displayed as much artistic and creative power as that of the Ancient Egyptians. How did they do it? What was the secret of their success? For decades, experts have been trying to solve the mystery of what kept the Nile civilization going for more than three millennia.

Planet Egypt, a groundbreaking documentary series produced for international television, delves deep into the history of the Pharaohs.

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