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Director: Ole Elfenkämper, Anne Holländer

Producer: Story House Productions for ZDFinfo in association with ZDF Enterprises

Genres: Documentary

10 × 50′ and 1 × 50' Special

Does the curse of the pharaoh really exist? Who were the mysterious Amazons we know from Greek mythology? Is the Bermuda Triangle a death trap controlled by aliens? Did the legendary King Arthur really exist? Where did the ocean swallow Atlantis, where is the Nibelung treasure? Are the mysterious Mothman and the Yeti just fantasy figures? Mythical creatures, places shrouded in mystery, brave heroes and supernatural phenomena — many people firmly believe they are real. But what is behind these myths? Do the fabulous creatures and places really exist or are they the brainchild of creative storytellers with a vivid imagination? And why do these narratives keep fascinating us?

Myths — The Great Mysteries of Humanity explores the exciting stories of mystic places, heroic legendary figures, and fantastic creatures.