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Director: Salvador Garcia Ruiz, Gracia Querejeta, Jörgen Bergmark, Alain Tasma, Sabine Bernardi, Sven Bohse

Producer: RTVE in co-production with TORNASOL, DeAPLANETA and ZDF ENTERPRISES, Yellow Bird in co-production with Viaplay, Discovery, ZDF German Television Network and ZDF Enterprises, Siècle Productions in co-production with France Télévision, UFA Fiction for ZDF

Writer: Robert Santiago, Ángela Armero, Peter Lindblom, Alain Tasma, Georges-Marc Benamou, Annette Hess

Cast: Maribel Verdú, Karin Franz Körlof, Thomas Solivérès, Sonja Gerhardt

Genres: Drama


Set in the gambling world and inspired by real events, ANA. all in. is a thriller series about a criminal lawyer fighting a corrupt system to clear her brother’s name who has been accused of murder.

Inspired by Helene Tursten’s bestselling novels, the crime drama Huss centers on Katarina Huss, an ambitious new graduate of Sweden’s police academy who is drawn into a tangled web of corruption and betrayal.

Thomas Solivérès (The Intouchables; Cyrano, my Love) stars in the four-part French series Voltaire in Love which combines action and historical drama to explore the early life and evolution of the philosopher and visionary Voltaire.

Set in post-war Berlin, the Ku’damm drama series follows conservative matriarch Caterina Schöllack, the owner of a prestigious dance school, and her three daughters, Helga, Eva and Monika, as they each struggle to find their place as women in a changing world. While the mother strongly believes in adhering to social and hierarchical conventions, that is marry well and up, the sisters must decide on their own path. Will they remain trapped in the corset of the times or be captivated by the rhythm of rebellion and break free?