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Director: Konstantin Bogomolov

Producer: Irina Sosnovaya

Executive Producer: Yevgeniy Semin, Elena Stepanisheva, Nana Iloyan

Writer: Konstantin Bogomolov

Cast: Lyubov Aksenova, Leonid Bichevin, Igor Mirkyurbanov, Aleksandra Rebenok

Genres: Drama


Screenlife. An anthology of three love stories from lockdown. #1 Maria and Nicola are lovers and are stuck in a nationwide lockdown with their spouses. Both families are friends, but for Maria and Nicola keeping track of the endless web of lies to hide their illicit affair creates tension, confusion and comedy, with dramatic consequences. #2 Anna lives alone, but periodically receives calls from Victor, a man from her past. She hates picking up the phone to Victor, she could ignore it but is always compelled to answer. What hold could he possibly have over her? #3 A beautiful nameless young girl is looking for a job online. Out of the blue she receives an unusual offer from a middle-aged male stranger she doesn’t know. It’s a good offer, but what exactly does her new employer want in exchange?