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Director: Robbie Countryman,Jonathan Judge,Jody Margolin Hahn,Katy Garretson,Brian Stepanek
Producer: Craig Wyrick-Solari
Executive Producer: Kevin Kopelow,Heath Seifert
Cast: Micah Abbey,Ron G.,Ishmel Sahid,Scarlet Spencer,Dallas Young,Tait Blum
Genres: Children’s
People: Brian Stepanek, Craig Wyrick-Solari, Dallas Young, Heath Seifert, Ishmel Sahid, Jody Margolin Hahn, Jonathan Judge, Katy Garretson, Kevin Kopelow, Micah Abbey, Robbie Countryman, Ron G., Scarlet Spencer, Tait Blum
Cousins for Life


Cousins For Life is a buddy comedy centering on 12-year-old cousins Stuart and Ivy, best friends who come from very different backgrounds, and learn to navigate life under one roof with their families. After Stuart’s mom is deployed overseas, his fun-loving dad Clark decides to move the family to Portland to live with his uptight brother Lewis and his family, which includes Stuart’s confident, socially active cousin Ivy and her younger, overly-curious brother Leaf. Now living in a brand new city, Stuart embarks on a variety of endeavors with Ivy that lead to hilarious adventures. Although the cousins do not always see eye-to-eye, Ivy and Stuart learn they are better together, and when they team up, they are unstoppable.

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