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Director: Jamie Whitney
Executive Producer: Jennifer Dodge,Ronnen Harary,Rob Hoegee,Jamie Whitney,Laura Clunie
Cast: Macy Drouin,Wyatt White,Chloe Bryer,Embeth Einstein,Sophia Gani
Genres: Animation, Children’s
People: Chloe Bryer, Embeth Einstein, Jamie Whitney, Jennifer Dodge, Laura Clunie, Macy Drouin, Rob Hoegee, Ronnen Harary, Sophia Gani, Wyatt White
Abby Hatcher


This animated preschool series centers on Abby and her new friends the Fuzzlies, who are amazing and quirky creatures that live in her family’s hotel. Together with her best Fuzzly friend Bozzly, Abby goes on wild adventures to fix Fuzzly mishaps and help them in any way she can. Abby Hatcher features a social-emotional curriculum highlighting empathy, compassion and problem-solving skills.

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