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Director: Pablo Ambrosini,Mariano Ardanaz,Sebastian Ortega
Producer: Pablo Culell,Martin Kweller,Vanina Martorilli
Executive Producer: Osvaldo Codazzi,Leandro Cullel
Writer: Silvina Frejdkes,Ernesto Korovsky,Alejandro Quesada,Javier Rozenwasser,Sol Rodriguez Seoane,Martin Vatenberg
Cast: Carla Peterson,Nancy Duplaa,Luciano Casto,Juan Minujin,Pablo Rago
Genres: Comedy, Entertainment
People: Alejandro Quesada, Carla Peterson, Ernesto Korovsky, Javier Rozenwasser, Juan Minujin, Leandro Cullel, Luciano Casto, Mariano Ardanaz, Martin Kweller, Martin Vatenberg, Nancy Duplaa, Osvaldo Codazzi, Pablo Ambrosini, Pablo Culell, Pablo Rago, Sebastián Ortega, Silvina Frejdkes, Sol Rodriguez Seoane, Vanina Martorilli
100 Days to Fall in Love

125 X 60’

After 18 years of marriage and attempts to improve their relationships, two friends make a deal with their husbands: they will take a break from their married lives for 100 days during which they can do as they please, but they must follow ten strict rules. After 100 days, they must choose if they will stay together. Are they ready to put their love to the test?

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