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House Rules

28 eps x 50 min

The Australia-wide competition from the makers of My Kitchen Rules will see six teams from around the country put their homes on the line and their skills to the test in a fight for supremacy and a life-changing prize. Together, they’ll travel the country, hand over the keys to their own homes and leave their competition rivals to transform every room in their house any way they want. It’s the key to a whole new life, but will they open the door to their dreams or their worst nightmare?

Host Johanna Griggs will be at the helm as six brave teams gamble with the most important possession in their lives. Acclaimed designer Carolyn Burns-McCrave and experienced build supervisor Chester Drife will be overseeing the teams, who have only one week to completely transform each home. Teams will be given a designated zone in the house to work on. Two expert judges – architect Joe Snell and Home Beautiful editor Wendy Moore – will score each team’s renovation. But the last word will go to the home owners!

Without knowing who was responsible for each zone – the home owners will score them all. Will they love what they see? Or will they hate it? Scores will be revealed at the Home base in Melbourne, where the eliminations will also take place. The last team left standing will walk away with a life-changing prize.