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Body & Brain

54 x 50 min

In “Body & Brain”, 2 contestants go after a huge cash prize. The catch: neither has a chance without the other’s help – and they have never even seen each other before!

In 4 rounds the 2 players try to win as much cash as possible. Each round the contestants have to decide, who will answer general knowledge questions, while the other has to endure extreme physical challenges! Time is the critical factor, because the contestant answering the mind-numbing questions has only as much time as his partner can endure the agonizing physical challenges!

How many questions can he correctly answer while his partner is in a gigantic hamster wheel trying not to trip or fall? How well can he concentrate while his teammate sits astride a wildly bucking mechanical bull?

For each successfully completed round there is cash. In the semi-final the players have to compete against each other. Only 1 can get to the finale, where he or she has the chance to take home the money they acquired so far!

“Body & Brain”: Together against each other!

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