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Producer: Talya Productions
Writer: Talya Productions
Genres: Entertainment, Format, Reality
Demographics: All audiences
People: Talya Productions
We Have A Wedding Today


Each day, from Monday to Friday we watch a different wedding takes place. Starting from when they wake up to getting ready at home, from bride’s make up & hair to groom’s preparations; how the groom picks up his bride to be from her home, how the family takes care of the organization... From wedding venue to party organization from photo shoots to the gift ceremony, all day will be captured on camera. Everything from early morning to the end of the ceremony late at night, will also be screened by the competing couples via the videos we make from the day. Our jury of two, not only screen the day time preparations but they are also invited to the weddings. Our juries are normal public figures, commoners who are totally objective towards all couples and have no connection to them. They observe and comment on each wedding from an outsider’s perspective. They evaluate all the key elements of the wedding day; from the atmosphere to the organization, from catering to music, the vibe of the wedding ceremony, bride’s and groom’s synergy and how guests felt... all will be under their radar. The juries have a positive approach and their criticism is not harsh in general. But things get more serious when it comes to the competing newlyweds.
In the final, all 5 couples that got married come together in our studio. They evaluate each other’s weddings and scores are revealed which create high tension discussions. When our judges’ final score is added, highest scored couple gets to win a cash prize. But, there are no losing couples. We Have A Wedding Today keeps the positive approach and each contestant awarded with a holiday in a romantic location to celebrate their new lives as husband and wife.

Broadcast Period: TV8- 2018 OPT Stripped (40x 90’) The show has daily stripped and weekly versions.

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