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Writer: Kobayashi Yasuko (“JoJo” anime series, “Attack on Titan” anime series)

Cast: Takahashi Issey, Iitoyo Marie, Nakamura Tomoya (Episode 1-3), Shibazaki Fuga (Episode 1), Moriyama Mirai (Episode 2), Takiuchi Kumi (Episode 3), Kasamatsu Show (Episode 4), Ichikawa Ennosuke (Episode 5), Uchida Rio (Episode 6)

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+

6 x 49 min.

Kishibe Rohan is a manga artist with a special gift. "Heaven's Door" allows him to turn people into books, extracting their personal history and secrets. He is even able to write in additional instructions to alter their actions. Peculiar incidents follow Rohan wherever he goes. In each, he must make full use of his powers and wit to overcome the challenges posed to him. The drama series is based on the popular spinoff of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by Araki Hirohiko.