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Director: Levan Akin, Matthias J Skoglund, Måns Månsson

Producer: Nexiko Drama AV, Inland Film AB

Writer: Levan Akin, Matthias J Skoglund, Sara Bergmark Elfgren

Cast: Helena Af Sandberg, Bianca Kronlof, Johan Hedenberg

Genres: Drama


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In the affluent Stockholm suburb of Lidingö, 45-yearold Malou Sander, a divorced mother on the verge of a personal and fi nancial breakdown, starts leading a double life after she stumbles upon five million euros from a botched robbery. Clueless about how to launder the money, she purchases a failing bakery and unwittingly hires the robber’s wife, 30-year-old Liana Skog, who has no idea that the money from the botched robbery that put her husband in prison is now in the hands of her new boss. A fast paced crime series with building tension, strong female characters and sprinkling of dark humour.

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