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Director: Kaila York
Producer: Nigel Thomas, Rick Benattar
Executive Producer: Fernando Szew
Writer: Matt Marinovich, Kaila York
Cast: Madison McLaughlin, Bayley Corman, Kara Royster, Trevor Stines, Heather McComb
Genres: Drama
People: Bayley Corman, Fernando Szew, Heather McComb, Kaila York, Kara Royster, Madison McLaughlin, Matt Marinovich, Nigel Thomas, Rick Benattar, Trevor Stines
Never See Her Again

90 minutes

Best friends Reagan (Bayley Corman) and Taylor (Kara Royster) are the most popular girls of their senior class, but they don’t let it go to their heads – these cheerleaders still strive to be as compassionate and kind as they can be. So, when Casey (Madison McLaughlin), a troubled teen who tragically lost her father in a fire, suffers from bullying and ridicule due to her hair-loss condition, Reagan and Taylor don’t hesitate to take her under their wing. But things take a deadly turn when Casey is nominated for “Most Inspirational” and she will do anything (even kill) to get the title.

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