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Director: Lisa France

Producer: Cary Davies

Executive Producer: Fernando Szew, Hannah Pillemer, Larry Grimaldi, Suzanne Berger

Writer: Jessica Glassberg, Guy Yosub, Michael Varrati

Cast: Mary Antonini, Michael Xavier, Alex Poch-Goldin, Stephanie Sy

Genres: Drama

A Christmas Mission

MarVista Entertainment
90 minutes

Emma (Mary Antonini) is a talented designer who curates handcrafted goods for her shop. The holiday season is especially busy for her and her business partner, Liz (Nadine Pinette), as they plan a Christmas Eve event for local artisans to showcase their work. Emma and Liz’s endeavor catches the eye of design guru and TV host Kate Marguiles (Stephanie Sy), who inists on sponsoring their event to more fanfare than the shop has ever seen. Unable to resist the opportunity to showcase her shop and reluctant to spend the holidays – her beloved late mother’s favorite time of year – with her out-of-touch military father, Tom “The General” (Alex Poche-Goldin), Emma throws herself into planning and tells The General she won’t be home for Christmas, much to his disappointment. When her ex-boyfriend and childhood best friend, Aaron (Michael Xavier), returns home after active military duty, The General informs him that Emma won’t be around for their Christmas traditions. Unwilling to disappoint The General, Aaron makes it his mission to get Emma home for Christmas and help her rediscover the giving spirit of the holidays.

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