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Director: François St-Amant

Producer: KOTV

Executive Producer: Louis Morissette, Louis-Philippe Drolet, Alain Chicoine

Writer: François Avard, Caroline Allard, Emma Berthou, Joëlle Bond, Érik K. Bouliane, Julien Coriveau, Yannick de Martino, Zoé Lamontagne, Daniel Langlois, Maire-Hélène Lapierre, Antoine Mauthès-Lebel, Matthieu Pepper, Dominic Quarré, Sébastien Ravary

Cast: Pierre-Luc Funk, Virginie Ranger-Beauregard, Guillaume Girard, Karine Gonthier-Hyndman, Matthieu Pepper, Fayolle Jean Jr, François Papineau, Bénédicte Décary, Simon Pigeon, Antoine Pilon

Genres: Comedy, Format

Demographics: All audiences

Pillow Talk (Entre deux draps)

Season 1: 10 x 30 minutes | Season 2: 20 x 30 minutes

Sketch comedy featuring the daily life of 4 couples and 2 roommates of different ages and backgrounds. With a realistic tone, this comedy drama explores in a raw and disarming way all the situations experienced in the intimacy of the bedroom, one of the only places where one can really be oneself.

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