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Director: Satoshi Fumihara

Producer: Fuminori Kobayashi, Akira Saigoku

Cast: Ooki Bibiru, Youichi Nukumizu, Shiro Tsubuyaki

Genres: Animation

Demographics: All audiences

People: Akira Saigoku, Fuminori Kobayashi, Ooki Bibiru, Satoshi Fumihara, Shiro Tsubuyaki, Youichi Nukumizu

Wacky TV

Japan Program Catalog
24 x 3’

Poor TV station “TV Nanana”, with very little production cost, wisdom, physical strength and team spirit, competes with rival TV stations for ratings. But one day, the brand-name programs with the highest ratings suddenly ended, and the company fell into crisis. In order to save “TV Nanana”, the director Nanaoka received instructions from the producer. The instruction is to shoot the legendary monster bird “Kina” Make an unprecedented feat. Nanaoka immediately led the cameraman Nanamori and assistant director Nanayama longed for the tropical jungle. But things are not so simple, many troubles hinder them. Suddenly attacked by a beast...savage villagers...Competitor's TV station...Then the biggest enemy “low budget”...In the end, can they successfully shoot “Kina”? Can the program get high ratings??

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