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Producer: Yo Sawada

Executive Producer: Tatsuya Moriyama

Cast: Anita Kapoor, Fiza Sabjahan, Andy Kho, Mickey Forncrook

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

Wa! Journey! Discover Japan Pride

Japan Program Catalog - BEAJ

“Made in Japan” is Japan’s pride. On the background, the uniqueness of Japan such as the craftsman commitment, the blessings of nature and the technology have a worldwide reputation.

In this program, reporters set off on a journey to discover the JAPAN PRIDE. They find the charm of Japanese products while interacting with the people associated with it.

Moreover, they stroll around the areas where the products were born and the surrounding tourist spots. A photographer takes pictures of the charm and introduces them. This is a travel program that features knowing Japanese charm through Japanese products.

EP1 High-Technology Toilet (Fukuoka) EP2 The World's Strongest Jeans (Okayama)
EP3 Splendid Japanese Bonsai (Kagawa) EP4 Traditional Japanese Sweets (Shimane)
EP5 Hopeful Bags Spreading Across the World (Tottori)
EP6 Highlight of JAPAN PRIDE Journey

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