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Director: Yoshiaki Tokita
Producer: Kazuharu Takeno, Akiko Shichiku
Executive Producer: Akira Hata
Genres: Documentary
Demographics: All audiences
People: Akiko Shichiku, Akira Hata, Kazuharu Takeno, Yoshiaki Tokita

1×30min (6×10min)

Yamakoshi, this is the place where nishikigoi originally came from.
This is a documentary of Koi farmers in Yamakoshi.
The rice paddies overflow with water from the freshly melted snow,as do the wild ponds in which nishikigoi are raised.
The hills and valleys overflow with water and greenery.
May is an important month in the cultivation of nishikigoi.It's when the koi are released into the ponds.
Shintarou Koi Farm has been raising nishikigoi for fifty years.
Even in summer, they'll feed them and check water quality every day. They'll also have busy days hatching and choosing from the young fish. Yet it is fall they look forward to.
What people want from nishikigoi is to watch them slowly swimming around.
So the bigger they are, the more fun it is to watch them swimming through a pond.
Also making their bodies bigger makes their colors more vivid.
How will their koi grow up? And how beautiful will they be when they meet again?
The koi farmers continue to dream.

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