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Director: Akira Uchikata
Producer: Aya Matsunaga, Haruna Ueda, Masakazu Kitagawa
Cast: Fumino Kimura, Munetaka Aoki
Genres: Drama
Demographics: 18+
People: Akira Uchikata, Aya Matsunaga, Fumino Kimura, Haruna Ueda, Masakazu Kitagawa, Munetaka Aoki
A Butterfly Effect - The Murder Analysis Team

6 x 50’

Hideaki Takano (MUNETAKA AOKI), who Detective Touko Kisaragi (FUMINO KIMURA) trusts more than anybody else, is being transferred to the Public Security Department from their Section 11 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s 1st Investigation Division. Three days before the senior detective’s transfer, millionaire Hideo Amano is brutally murdered in his home. A blue flower is planted in his neck that has been split open, and his wife, Mayumi, goes missing since the day of the crime. As the police investigate Mayumi as an important material witness, the press receives an email from “Cluster 16,” which claims responsibility for the murder and hints at Mayumi’s whereabouts.
The 1st Investigation Division, as well as the entire Tokyo Metropolitan Police, is perplexed by a series of savage murders. As Takano’s transfer draws near, the pressure and expectation to solve the case weigh heavily on Touko. However, with little progress in the investigation, she is riddled with frustration and anxiety. Will Touko and her team be able to solve the ruthless killings?! The case comes to a shocking, unimaginable conclusion!

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