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Director: Sanna Lenken (My Skinny Sister, Double Life, Yoghurt)

Producer: Martin Persson (A Royal Affair, The Hunt, Systrar 1968)

Executive Producer: Miira Paasilinna (The Carer, The Girl King, Mestari Cheng), Mats Alders (En Komikers Uppväxt)

Writer: Cilla Jackert (SPUNG, Lite som Du, Svaleskär, Shed No Tears)

Cast: Amanda Jansson (Midnight Sun, Arctic Murders), Oscar Töringe (Beck, Syrror, Eye In The Sky), Gizem Erdogan (Hidden: Förstfödd, Alex, Drakens Hotell, Agenterna), Per Lasson (Eagles, The Bridge, Solsidan), Sandra Stojiljkovic (The Bridge, Wallander, Hotel), Anna Sise (Eagles, Skeppsholmen, Before We Die, Real Humans)

10x60 mins

When your job – and your career – requires you to deal with the grittiest parts of society, how do you remain whole and happy?

To find out, Thin Blue Line gets under the skin of what being a modern-day cop is really about, following police officers in the vibrant multicultural city of Malmö. Never a simple 9 to 5, their working day involves the constant threat of violence and danger. Nobody expects to come home from that as the same person. This becomes a painful reality for our characters.

As they try to balance their evolving personal and professional lives, and the fight against the city’s criminals intensifies, the line between private and public starts to blur. Blending serious themes with the warmth and humour of real life, this ten-part drama takes audiences on a memorable, thrilling and emotional journey.

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