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Director: Dominic Leclerc

Producer: Clapperboard Studios

Executive Producer: Mike Benson

Writer: Barunka O’Shaughnessy

Cast: Sheridan Smith, Samuel Bottomley, Cecilia Noble, Ian Puleston-Davies

Genres: Drama

4 x 60 mins

Jenna (Sheridan Smith) is an experienced teacher at Rhodesway State School who is popular with both students and staff alike. After getting a long-overdue promotion at work, Jenna celebrates with her colleagues at a local nightclub, where they bump into a group of their students. When she returns to school on Monday morning, she is shocked to discover that one of the students, Kyle, has submitted a report that she had a drunken sexual encounter with him that night. She is immediately suspended from her position and taken into police custody for questioning. With no memory of what happened and unable to defend herself, Jenna pleads guilty, believing that Kyle would have no reason to lie. However, when she later confronts Kyle, he lets slip that she wasn’t supposed to plead guilty, leading her to believe that her conviction might be part of a larger plot against her. Desperate to clear her name at any cost, Jenna begins to investigate the night in question, which leads her to an event in her past, in which she sees startling similarities. As she begins to unravel the mystery, she becomes convinced that someone from her past has resurfaced, someone who has revenge in mind…

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