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Director: Andriy Yakovlev

Producer: Studio Kvartal 95

Cast: Stanislav Boklan, Daria Petrozhitskaya

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Sugar Daddy

Eccho Rights
16 x 30 min

Merkulov, who once was a popular movie actor, has grown old and tired and decides to end his miserable life. But he wants to end it with a bang. So he takes all his savings and goes to a barber and a fancy menswear shop, to dress up nicely for his funeral. But before hanging himself, he goes out partying one last time, to dance away his misery. Merkulov gets very drunk but also, unusually very happy.

When he wakes up in the morning, he finds a beautiful young lady in his bed. At first, he doesn’t remember how this happened but slowly he puts the pieces together. Full of regret he remembers that he pretended to be a rich man offering everybody free drinks. And the young lady Liza soon found out that this fancy old man could give her life a new start.

But when she wakes up she realizes that Merkulov is actually broke. Liza broke up with her boyfriend, has nowhere to go and no friends that could help her, so despite the embarrassment she has to ask Merkulov if she can stay for a little while in his shabby home. This leads to an unexpected friendship where both contribute with their life experiences; Liza teaches Merkulov about the modern world while Merkulov helps Liza to understand the deeper meanings of life. As Merkulov’s neighbor is away and his luxury mansion abandoned, the odd couple move in there and start enjoying life to the fullest...

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