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Director: Sergey Komarov

Producer: Victor Budilov, Tatiana Ogorodnikova, Vladimir Utin, Mikhail Rossolko, Sony Pictures Television Russia

Writer: Viun

Cast: Maria Lugovaya, Daria Petrozhitskaya

Crane in the Sky

Eccho Rights
12 x 44 min

Crane in the Sky is a drama of love and adventure set to the back drop of the fierce race between the Soviet and the West in launching the first hyper sonic passenger airplane in the 1960's. The series follows the life of Asya Solntseva, a teenage girl from a small town called Aviagrad, as she meets her first love at a party dedicated to the celebration of the first man going into space. Asya falls in love with Yury Gromov, who’s not just a ladies’ man, but also a conqueror of the skies. Yury works at the local aero club and dreams of becoming a professional pilot. Meanwhile, Asya’s friend and tutor Yasha Spassky, the son of the famous aircraft designer, helps her study for her final exams at school. Yasha is secretly in love with Asya, but her heart belongs to Yury. When Yury is enlisted in the army, Asya finds a job at the camp facility that is located near his military base, all so she can be closer to him. And then she puts in a lot of effort to get into the aviation school together with Yury. Finally, they can be together. It seems that nothing can spoil their happiness. However, after a tiring flight practice, tragedy strikes and Asya ends up alone with a newborn child to maintain. Eventually, she ends up marrying Yasha. They start working together on the construction of the world’s first supersonic passenger aircraft "Crane" under the leadership of Yasha's father. But at a prestigious international air show, the aircraft "Crane" piloted by Yasha, suddenly starts plummeting to the ground…

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