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Director: Mathieu Handfield

Producer: Joanne Forgues, Sophie Parizeau

Writer: Raphaël Codebecq

Cast: Benoît Drouin-Germain

Genres: Comedy, Format

Demographics: 15+

Season 1: 20 x 3 min, Season 2: 15 x 5 min

Aiming to get his dues from his former job after getting fired, Bruno is stuck in: THE ELEVATOR.

He navigates a panoply of the most exasperating and irritating people who test his patience to its limits. Forced to start his ascent again each time he loses his temper, it becomes clear, he must outgrow his old mental patterns and egocentric behaviour if he is to attain the Top Floor.

The ELEVATOR delivers a well-structured and dynamically cut story with a comical tone defined by a twist of cynicism.

This easy to consume observation into the universal human experience can be adapted to different cultural flavours thanks to multi-layered characters.

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