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Director: Olivier Ménard

Producer: Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Executive Producer: Agnès Abbo, François Lapointe

Writer: Stéphane Raymond, Frédéric Simard

Cast: Stéphane Raymond; Julien Corriveau; Ève Côté

Genres: Comedy, Format

Demographics: 15+

10 x 30 min

A parody of classic renovation shows and Youtube tutorials, Hammer Ed offers off- beat DIY advice served up by an eccentric personality. Weekly celebrity guests are interviewed while their homes are at the mercy of Hammer Ed’s renovation crew.

Hammer Ed and his two helpers aim to push the parody and their renovations to the next level. Building a subterranean aquarium under a client’s pond, or using a beaver architect to build a swimming pool are some of Hammer Ed’s clever solutions. Guest celebrities find themselves in unusual interview conditions to playfully bring out a different side of their public image.

This show also presents a completely integrated web-television experience. No matter the screen, viewers can continue their television experience or can be attracted to the TV show with complementary new media content through social networks or a dedicated website. His popularity has even earned him lucrative publicity deals with brand names.

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