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Producer: Lee Jin-ju, Choi Mi-rae, Lee Hee-sun

Executive Producer: Park Sang-hyuk

Writer: Yeom Mi-ran, Woo Ji-hoon, Jung Ji-yeon

Cast: Simon Dominic, Lee Yong-jin, Kim Ye-won, Yura

Genres: Format, Reality


Could you live with your EX while looking for love?

In EXchange, 4 EX couples who keep their past relationship a secret, live together to look for love, whether it’s to rekindle what they had with their EX or to exchange what they had with someone new.

The main rules of the house are simple: Singles are free to express their emotions freely during their stay but cannot reveal who their ex is. The singles live together, cooking and eating dinner together every day. At the end of each night, they must send a message to one person they are interested in, whether it is an ex or someone new and each single will be told whether an ex sent them a message or not.

Not only will they get to know others on their own, but the singles will also get the ex’s insight. From introductions of themselves hand-written by their ex that they must read aloud during their first dinner together to the EX CHAT time where singles can ask questions about their current love interest to the love interest’s ex through a chatting system, to going on a date course that meant something special to the ex couple, the house throws unexpected, bold, surprising elements that shake up the dynamics of the singles and their exes.

A celebrity panel watch and comment on the exchanges between the singles, seeing the changing emotions and love interests as they live together. Heart flutters, jealousy, the pull of the known vs the pull of the new, the mixed emotions of falling in love with someone new or perhaps falling for the ex again, will the singles find love while living with their EX? EXchange!

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