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Producer: Enanimation, Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, Rai Ragazzai

Genres: Kids


Adventures with Nina and her fabulous fluffy friend, Olga the Cloud.

Inspired by Olga the Cloud, the internationally best-selling, classic book series by Nicoletta Costa, Nina & Olga follows six-year-old Nina as she begins school, alongside her classmate Teo, and their very special friend Olga – a light young cloud. Together they embark on numerous adventures, learning about the events and challenges of everyday life and how to understand and manage their still unknown emotions.

Across the series, we follow as they do everything together from helping their friends, family, and each other to learning how to ride horses, bake cakes, and overcome nerves to perform in a school play. Based on the poetic, sweet and charming stories told in more than 300 Olga the Cloud books over a 30-year period, the series shows these charming little kids getting acquainted with themselves, various objects and animals – as well as their feelings – in order to grow and understand the world around them.