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Home > Screenings > Beta Film > Dead Mountain - The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Director: Valeriy Fedorovich & Evgeny Nikishov

Producer: Valeriy Fedorovich & Evgeny Nikishov

Executive Producer: Valeriy Fedorovich & Evgeny Nikishov

Writer: Ilya Kulikov

Cast: Pyotr Fyodorov, Aleksey Bardukov, Ivan Mulin, Mariya Lugovaya

Genres: Drama

8 hours

January 1959, Soviet Union. In the icy Ural Mountains, a group of nine students sets out on a ski trek. Even though they all are well-experienced hikers, they never reach their destination. As their bodies turn up a month later, it leaves local investigators puzzled.
Their tent was cut open from the inside, they are found frozen stiff in their underwear spread around the camp, some are even partially mangled. Whom or what did they run from? Why did they die, and how?

When Oleg, a KGB major, arrives in the province, his inquiry is to be held strictly confidential. Troubled by his past as a WWII veteran, he has a sixth sense and death seems to follow him around as he digs deeper into the mysterious incident. With the help of Katya, the local medical examiner, Oleg is hell-bent on finding the truth.
But the more he learns, the more it becomes clear: The reason the students died will never see the light of day. No one can ever know what really happened. No one. Except him.

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