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Producer: Banijay Studios North America
Genres: Factual, Reality
People: Banijay Studios North America
Temptation Island

11 x 60’

Take four couples committed to each other but at the crossroads in their relationships and send them on the most amazing vacation in paradise, separated from their partner. Although they are apart, they won’t be alone and will spend their days, and nights, in the company of attractive singles, all of them looking for love.

For each of the couples it is now time to face their doubts and answer the question “am I really with The One or is there someone better out there for me?” In this perfect setting, life is filled with parties, romantic escapades and truthful conversations. In their search of clarity will they play seduction games and ultimately give in to temptation?

At night the host invites each group to a bonfire where they’ll be shown on video exactly what their partners have been up to. For some it’s cause for relief; for others suspicion, anger or immediate revenge.

After the ultimate test – a 24 hour dream date with their favourite single – the couples are reunited. It’s time for emotional declarations, bitter recriminations, and the ultimate question: will they go home together – or go their separate ways?

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