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Producer: Zodiak Belgium
2 Star Restaurant


Even according to seasoned professionals, opening a restaurant is “a hell of a job!” Yet it is a dream for many, including… celebrities!

This new competition gives four pairs of celebrities with a passion for food, the chance to launch and run their own restaurant. One will be in the kitchen, and the other one will play the Maître d’. Under the watchful eye of a top-notch chef, the duos have precious little time to come up with a concept and look, put together a menu and get cooking. First they receive some help and advice from the chef while they test their menu on a panel of friends and family. After that it’s opening day with real paying customers and culinary critics in the dining room. After a first round of duels, the finalists will face the toughest challenge of all, three days of full shifts.

How do they handle stress, who can deliver the smoothest service and most of all who will serve the most delicious food and win over the critics, chef and customers?

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