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Director: Sigurd Tesche

Producer: Tesche Documentary

Writer: Sigurd Tesche

Genres: Documentary

People: Sigurd Tesche, Tesche Documentary

Shows: Masai Mara: The Big Hunt

Companies: Autentic Distribution GmbH

Masai Mara: The Big Hunt

Autentic Distribution

For many years the Masai Mara has been the stage for the grandiose spectacle. When the food supply in the Serengeti dwindles, the Masai Mara is a paradise chalked full and brimming with various dietary delights. As the black wildebeests make their yearly trip from the south of the Serengeti to the north, they fall into nature’s best laid trap, the Masai Mara in Kenya. The natural phenomenon often results in the slaughter of hundreds of gazelles, impalas and antelopes by crocodiles, leopards and lions.

The film doesn’t just focus on the hunt of the crocodiles and the big cats, but also on how the predators interact with each other as they prepare for a hunt, their hunting hierarchy and the physical difficulties they have to overcome – the film casts a light on their private lives. As bonus, our film crew captured slow-motion shots of the final showdown between predator and prey. They even entered uncharted territory; rather than just filming on the banks of the Mara River, they headed crocodile territory - under water!

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