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Director: Kirk Docker, Aaron Smith

Producer: Kirk Docker, Aaron Smith, Ali Russell

Executive Producer: Lou Porter, Frances O’Riordan

Genres: Factual, Format

8 x 30’

You Can’t Ask That is an innovative, original format offering audiences an intimate, very personal glimpse into the lives of people we rarely get to hear from. With Series 6 about to air in Australia, the heartfelt and innovative You Can’t Ask That continues its winning trajectory. The 35-plus seasons delivered across 13 international productions (as well as current options in 15 additional territories) is a testament to the power and flexibility of the format, now the ABC’s most successful ever.

Featuring participants from all walks of life, each episode focuses on a minority or sub-cultural group (including people of short stature, Muslims, sex workers, transgender people, suicide attempt survivors, former cult members, recent war veterans, ex-reality TV stars and more), and asks some very frank and often confronting questions, sourced from the public.

By offering insight into the lives of minority or the marginalised, You Can’t Ask That breaks down stereotypes by answering the questions people are afraid to ask. Creating a safe space for its participants, the series forgoes the typical TV trope of relying on celebrities, social commentators, experts and academics to speak on the show’s chosen subject areas. Instead, You Can’t Ask That goes straight to the source – giving only those with lived experiences the opportunity to talk to the camera.

One of the most interesting and diverse programs on television, and having the ability to work successfully for both linear broadcast and digital first strategies, You Can’t Ask That has extended its audience depth and reach with each new series.