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RTL Belgium judges Media Ranch format

Judge for One Day sees eight ordinary people act as criminal judges

RTL Belgium has commissioned a local version of Judge for One Day from Canadian producer and distributor Media Ranch.

The broadcaster has gone straight into production on the format, in which eight ordinary people are given the chance to act as criminal judges for a day.

Media Ranch is taking the format to Mipcom along with a slate of original and portfolio formats.

Its new properties include Watch!, created by producers Dan Munday and John Kirhoffer, which mixes performances with a high stakes gameshow requiring memory skills. The format has been picked up by Talpa in Germany, WeMake in France and NBCUniversal-owned Matchbox Pictures in Australia.

180 Days swaps people’s socio-economic situations

Get Lost Honey investigates why so many 20-somethings now live at home longer and puts them into an apartment together to see if they can survive on their own.

180 Days sees people switch socio-economic situations for six weeks, while in environmental nature format 1 Day, 2 Teams, 3 Animals, two teams get 24 hours to find three endangered animals.

Entrepreneurial competition series My Next Empire pits contestants against each other for the chance to win nearly US$1.5m for their business concept.

Finally, Media Ranch’s Big Love follows three couples who have all gained considerable amounts of weight since getting together and have eight months to try to lose it.


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