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Global Drama Trends 2020


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With Apple and Disney introducing their own streamers and WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal soon to follow suit, the appetite for flagship dramas that help each stand out is only growing, causing ripples across the industry.  

With Netflix – so long the standard-bearer of the past decade’s scripted boom – under pressure to accelerate production and Amazon challenged too, the doyens of the digital revolution are being forced to reset in the face of unprecedented competition.   

Broadcasters, meanwhile, still champions of some of the greatest shows on screen, may be beset but remain bold – determined to maintain their position and go toe-to-toe with those that would topple them, weaving ever more elaborate deals to do so.   

For writers and producers it’s boom time, but concerns linger that viewers are spoilt for choice and TV drama’s golden age is akin to Dutch tulip mania or the dotcom bubble, surely set to burst.   

The C21Pro 2020 Global Drama Trends Report, produced in association with C21 sister title Drama Quarterly, explores these issues and more. The chapters in this report will publish here over the coming weeks.

Report chapters:

Immersion therapy
Netflix’s Bandersnatch has brought interactive drama into the mainstream but some in the business are looking further ahead.
Mid Eastern moment
There’s no shortage of domestic dramas being produced in the Middle East, but could more of them break out internationally as their budgets grow?
India’s ascent
Indian drama is taking off at home and abroad, largely thanks to SVoD platforms, according to producers from the subcontinent.
Playing the field
Paramount TV on the shifting sands of streaming, whether we will ever reach ‘peak TV’ and how the ViacomCBS merger will affect the business.
Sound advice
As well as creating a new form of audio storytelling, podcasts are giving television producers new sources of intellectual property to develop.
The short answer
With shortform series hot properties right now, players in this burgeoning sector discuss methods for monetisation.
Behind the money
Sebastien Raybaud and his firm Anton are moving beyond funding other people’s shows into developing originals to exploit a gap in the market.
Taking on VoD
The drama business has had to become increasingly creative and collaborative as the streaming boom drives up production budgets and competition.
More, more, more
Ahead of C21’s International Drama Summit 2019, we surveyed the industry on the critical issues of the day and asked delegates to name the show they covet most.
Global Drama Trends 2020
Report date: December 2019

Report price: £299.00

Report editor: Jonathan Webdale